I am a filmmaker, composer, and cartoonist / illustrator. I live and operate out of New York City.

I helped co-found Big Beverage Studio in 2017 to focus on developing television pilots and motion pictures in New York City. In 2009, I co-founded the apocalyptic rock group, EGGNOGG, releasing two full length studio albums and two EPs. I am a trusted member of the XYC, a small society of artists and thespians.

With this site, I have decided to start documenting various projects and thought processes. My goal is to blend separate exposition, visual, and musical pieces, into a unique and engrossing experience.

I am not a story teller, but a magician. I do not create, but destroy empty space.

I also enjoy doing freelance illustration. Event posters, album covers, book covers, or even just fan art, you can contact me at: